Health Fitness Article

Health Fitness Article

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Sleeping Disorder is one of the major problems that can affect your life in many ways. Sleeping disorders include a lack of sleep, excessive sleeping habits, or sleep walking and other movements during sleep. Some people also fall asleep in the middle of conversations, irrelevant to the circumstances, while others are troubled in catching some sleep.

Recent studies have shown that the majority of sleeping disorders have arisen due to the change in lifestyle of people. A change of food habits, irregular exercise, unhealthy sleeping habits, and changes in working surroundings can largely affect the sleeping habits of an individual. For instance, a change in the shift at the work place, such as a night shift can make a person sleep throughout the day, while having to remain wide awake all night. Several such instances, including health related problems are some of the major causes of sleep disorders. If you experience any such symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Beauty Tips You have Never Heard

Your morning beauty regime takes you exactly 12 minutes. First comes the face wash, then the astringent, followed by the moisturizer. And the list goes on. It’s become such a chore, but wasn’t there a time when this routine was fun? Well, we decided to take you back to the days when applying makeup was a treat by giving you some innovative beauty tips and tricks to spice up your routine.

To get this insider information, we contacted Carmindy, resident make-up artist on TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” and author of The 5 Minute Face. Here are her 10 beauty tips to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous.

Beauty Tip # 1 - Make perfume last.

A few spritzes of perfume in the morning will not carry you through the day, no matter how expensive your bottle may be. To make your scent last, try this beauty tip: put an unscented moisturizer on first and then spray on your perfume a few seconds later. “There’s so much alcohol in perfume,” Carmindy explains, “that if you spray it on dry skin, a lot of times it evaporates so quickly. But if you have moisturizer on your skin it adheres much better.”

Beauty Tip # 2 - Lip gloss without the goop.

Instead of directly putting the tube of gloss to your lips, Carmindy recommends adding an extra step to ensure less stickiness. “I like to put lip gloss on my fingertips first and then just pat it onto the flesh of my lips. And this way you’ll get a little bit of glow, but it won’t be too goopy.” Also, try a moisturizing lipstick or a lip stain first before you add the gloss to make sure the color stays put.

Beauty Tip # 3 - A sweet scrub.

“The best exfoliate in the world is regular white table sugar.” If every scrub out there contains some form of sugar, like “Almond Sugar Scrub” or “Brown Sugar Scrub,” why not just use what’s in your kitchen cupboard? “What happens is that the small crystals dissipate in water so they don’t tear your skin.” And, if you have sensitive skin, don’t fret. “It even works better because with other products you might not like a fragrance or a lot of ingredients,” states Carmindy. When you’re in the shower, all you have to do is lather your face up like normal and then get a handful of sugar and scrub your face. And if you run out you’ll be able to ask your cute neighbor for a spot of sugar!

Beauty Tip # 4 Ditch your spot concealer.

Instead of fumbling around your makeup bag for multiple concealers in the morning, just stick to one, advises Carmindy. The reason why? Because you can actually use the foundation stuck to the top of the cap of your liquid all-over concealer as your spot-treatment. “It oxidizes there so it becomes a little bit thicker.” Plus, she says, “It’s the same shade as your foundation, so it will instantly erase your blemish.” To apply, just take a small tip concealer brush and dip into the cap of your foundation, or the nozzle if you use a spray. Then brush it on the spots and you’re ready to go. Now it will be a good thing when your foundation lid gets cakey.

Beauty Tip # 5 - Recycle: Good for the earth, good for your lips.

What are you supposed to do when your four best lipsticks are almost gone and your finger is tired from scraping out the remnants below? Carmindy suggests combining the half-used sticks into your own lip pallet. “Go to the drug store and purchase a plastic pill box and dig out the lipstick that’s left in the tubes. Then put each color into a different little section of the pill box.” You can mix and match the colors or even put Vaseline in one of the sections to make your own lip gloss.

To get fuller lips people often outline them with a pencil, but most of the time it looks noticeable and unsophisticated (especially when the lipstick comes off and you’re left with just that awful line). To get invisible enhancement, Carmindy recommends you take a Q-tip and dip it in a little bit of white shimmer eye shadow and lightly trace the outside of your lips. “What will happen is that the shimmer will capture the light and make your lips seem larger.” You won’t be able to see it, but the slight glimmer will do the trick. Great if you don’t have any collagen handy.

Beauty Tip # 7 - Bronzed but not dirty.

Dusting bronzer all over your face can make you look like you’ve been rolling around in the sand box all day or have picked up a part time job as a chimney sweep. Carmindy prefers a spray bronzer to get the appearance of a fresh summer tan. “I like to spray a sponge and then what I do is just push it onto the skin—on the temples and then right underneath the cheekbones because this is kind of where the sun would kiss your face. And if you like powder bronzer you can apply it in the same places too.”

If you’ve been awarded barely there eyebrow DNA, you’ve probably tried everything to make them visible—and figured out that most of the time these products end up rubbing off by the end of the day. If you still want eyebrows at five p.m., Carmindy advises buying waterproof liquid eyeliner that matches your hair color like black, brown or taupe. Then, she says, “You can take an angled brush and feather the liquid eyeliner on to your eyebrows and it will stay put all day long. It looks more natural than a pencil and stays longer.” It’s a win-win.

Now if you’re like me and are on the opposite end of the brow spectrum you might need some help keeping your out-of-control brows in check. To do this, “Take a spooly brush or an old tooth brush, put a little hair gel on there and just brush it onto your eyebrows to have them stay put.”

Beauty Tip # 9 - Not your average smoky eye.

“What I like to do is take a color like a navy blue or a sparkling kind of burgundy purple and just line the inside rim and right along the upper and lower lash line and then smudge it with a Q-tip. That way, there’s no eye shadow pushing the eye back, but you still have the smoky effect because they’re lined with color. If you have deep-set eyes, Carmindy advises you to avoid putting dark shadow on your eyelids because it will make them seem even more pushed back. “There are so many ways to do a smoky eye, but people always think there’s only one way to do it.”

Beauty Tip # 10 - Save time and eye shadow

Running late in the morning? The best thing you can put on is white shimmering highlight powder. “If you highlight three key places you set of the planes of your face—you don’t even need eye shadow,” says Carmindy. These key spots are underneath the eyebrow, on the inside corner of the eye and on top of the cheekbone. “It brings sparkle to the eye; it lifts up the lid and draws attention to the top of the cheekbone.” Now all you need is a big cup of coffee to actually feel as awake as you look.

Who says your beauty routine has to be boring—especially now that you can take a box of sugar with you in the shower or turn a pill box into a personalized lip pallet. With these beauty tips You just might have to rethink your 12 minute routine after all.

With the help of TLC’s resident make-up artist Carmindy, Savvy Miss author Leslie Barrie compiles a list of less-known but great beauty secrets that leave you feeling lush and fabulous.

Your morning beauty regime takes you exactly 12 minutes. First comes the face wash, then the astringent, followed by the moisturizer. And the list goes on. It’s become such a chore, but wasn’t there a time when this routine was fun? Well, we decided to take you back to the days when applying makeup was a treat by giving you some innovative beauty tips and tricks to spice up your routine.

You are about to start the journey on the path to your inner beauty.

Webster’s dictionary describes the word beauty as: quality sensed in that which is in perfect harmony.

So beauty is not just an outer appearance. It is a complete harmony from within that can be felt and sensed by others from the way you present yourself. If you know you are beautiful and it comes from within others will see it too.

You are indeed beautiful every time you wake up in the morning. Even as your hands touch your face, rub your eyes, and your fingers run through your hair your beauty still shines. You stumble to your bathroom to wash away the previous day’s memories, some good some bad. Who is it that looks back to you from the mirror? Uh! Surely this isn’t me? Oh dear god it can’t be? You close your eyes and open them again slowly. It is!. Is this what you really think? Hang in there, because you certainly are not alone. Women around the world more than ever before have at least one of their facial or bodily characteristics with which they do not feel comfortable with. Amazingly statitics show that virtually every woman thinks at one time in there life how wonderful it would be to change certain parts of there body or face blaming that for the reason for their low esteem and confidence. A backlash against the ugly and unattractive is percieved by both sexes so therefore they strive to become more beautiful.

But, what is beauty exactly? Is it a subjective notion, or a totally objective rule as that disseminated by the media and the entertainment industry? Hollywood and in particular the advertising and fashion world have bombarded the female psyche into what they believe is beauty. The fact is it is only their idea of beauty . From the early more curved figures of women promoted in the 50s and 60s, for example, marketers have changed the way women should look by promoting a different version of female beauty. Thinner thighs, smaller breasts or hips, easily spotted cheekbones, are among the most important female features as presented today. The alteration has been so immense that this new boyish silhouette, women observe in magazines and television advertisements, is the way healthy women should look; even if the reality is that women rarely, if ever, look this way.

Finding everyones beauty within and understanding how others judge the beauty factor is important to all, because people need to become much more aware of how prevalent and damaging this kind of media influence is. It is so deep into our subconciense that this is what we accept as normal. Bombarded by greed women are constantley made to feel inadequate so that there need to improve themselves at all and every level becomes compulsive. Maybe it seems a bit of a paradox for many to think of themselves as the main subjects of such a devious scheme to extract more out of one’s misery, but it is essential that people at least realize the existence of such a well-fabricated story. Then, they will at least be able to seek their own answers to the old fairytale question “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

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Anti aging enthusiasts are often interested in anti aging hgh therapy. This refers to the use of human growth hormone, a hormone naturally produced by the human pituitary gland. The pituitary produces the highest hormone levels in childhood and young adulthood, decreasing production when we are finished growing in our early twenties. With the decrease in HGH, we start to experience weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased energy levels, and other subtle symptoms associated with aging. It’s not surprising that the first medicinal use of HGH was to treat children with stunted growth, followed by performance enhancing treatment in athletes. The hormone can only be administered by injection.

Anti aging Human Growth Hormone injections have a dark side, of which the injection part is just the beginning. Using the hormone for this purpose is an “off lable” application, at least in the United States, meaning that it hasn’t been approved for this purpose. This may actually be illegal in some jurisdictions. Getting injections from anyone except a medical doctor is illegal as well. Not surprisingly, the injections are very expensive, placing them out of reach for any but the wealthy. Finally, anti aging hgh therapy is associated with some serious side effects, particularly when the level of hormone in the blood rises above the level that can be obtained in the blood naturally. These disadvantages give the anti aging anti hgh product argument considerable strength.

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The Human Growth Hormone is a hormone secreted by the pituitary glands that helped you increase your height during childhood. But HGH is also beneficial in several ways: it strengthens the immune system, helps in preventing retention of body fat, helps the liver and other organs; reduces risks of heart diseases and helps retain calcium in the body consequently strengthening the bones. As we age, our level of HGH decreases inadvertently affecting our system and organs.

Hormone replacement therapy for decreased HGH has been introduced to patients who either had HGH deficiency in childhood or to adults who are experiencing the effects of growing old. Although this kind of hormone replacement therapy has had its share of controversy, the effects are nonetheless more beneficial than risky. Those who have undergone treatment experienced muscular strength, faster metabolism, stronger bones and a noticeably decreased their body fats. There was also a significant change in the social attitudes of the patients. This could be due to the positive effects the anti aging treatment had that ultimately improved their way of life. For people who have had to suffer the ill-effects of HGH deficiency, the benefits of the hormone replacement treatment can be astounding.

Although some claimed to have experienced mild headaches and joint aches after treatment, they nevertheless have but praises for this medical breakthrough because the benefits weigh more than these minor side effects. There is an old adage after all that says no pain, no gain. In the end, it is up to you whether to take it or leave it.

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